Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lackluster Draft!

The 2010 NHL Entry Draft has come and gone, and it was a rather boring affair from a Leafs standpoint. But, did we expect anything less, since the Leafs weren't slotted to make a pick until the third round? Everyone knows why we didn't have a pick in the first couple rounds, so I'm not going to rehash it. The Leafs did make a trade to move up in the draft and chose forward Bradley Ross with the 43 selection overall. Ross said he is a lifelong fan of the blue and white, and models his game after Darcy Tucker. For a look at the Leafs other selections, check out the Leafs official website for in depth coverage. Heading into the draft weekend, rumors abound with Kaberle trade talks. I'm shocked to tell you that Tomas Kaberle is still a Leaf (read with sarcasm for full effect) Apparently, Burke said there were three offers management considered, and described a fourth offer as an insult. So, from the abundant 10 offers the media speculated on, there were actually 3. I appreciate that Burke is holding out for the best return for Tomas Kaberle, but I caution him; if you're hoping to get a guy that can walk on water, there's only one person who has been credited with such ability, and last I checked, he didn't play hockey. Leaf Nation doesn't need a person who can walk on water, just one who can skate on a frozen pond. And if said individual can perform minor miracles with a stick, all the better....(cough Jordan Staal cough)

Speaking of trade speculation, sources indicate that the Boston Bruins are looking to trade centre Marc Savard. Marc Savard has a no trade stipulation in his contract, but is willing to waive his no trade for either the Ottawa Senators or Toronto Maple Leafs. According to reports, any transaction between the Bruins/Leafs regarding Savard would NOT involve Kaberle, but possibly Nikolai Kulemin or Mikhail Grabovski instead. This would be a good thing as Kulemin is a restricted free agent who's agent is asking for far to much money. Kulemin is a good two-way player who played on the first line, out of necessity. His grand total of 31 points is nowhere near deserving of a first liners paycheck. Trading a player with a potential upside, for a proven top six forward is a smart move if Burke can swing it. Sure, Savard is 32, and suffered a concussion last season. Let's remember though, that every good team has a skilled veteran to mentor the teams youth, and not every player who suffered a concussion will turn out like Eric Lindros. Besides, when Savard and Phil Kessel were line mates in Boston, the pair had more chemistry then Romeo and Juliet. In their last season together, the dynamic duo posted a combined 148 points. Need I say more?

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