Monday, November 8, 2010

Simpler Times...

Simpler times of being a Leafs fan, when the crest on the front, mattered more then the name on the back.

Simpler times, when you were excited to go to a Leafs game, instead of thinking, "oh shit, not another one."

Simpler times, when the Leafs had a legitimate first line of Gilmour, Andreychuk, and Anderson, instead of throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks!

The simpler times, when a coach would get fired for having 2 - 3 loosing seasons, instead of having job security, because his best friend is the GM.

Simpler times, when you looked at the standings in March/April to determine playoff positioning, instead of in December, only to realize we've already been mathematically eliminated.

Simpler times, when the #32 was worn by Steve Thomas, who could be counted on for a clutch goal, instead of a wanna be Eminem, who's too busy admiring his Stanley Cup ring.

Simpler times, when the team consisted of multiple scoring threats, instead of relying on only Phil Kessel

Simpler times, when after overtime the phrase "at least we got a point" meant a tie and not a loss.

Simpler times, when watching the Leafs on tv provided memories and dreams, not forgettable moments and nightmares.

Simpler times, when you believed that Santa Claus and making the playoffs were a reality, instead of being just a fantasy.

Simpler times, when Mats Sundin kept our playoff dreams alive by tying a game with six seconds left, rather then allowing the other team to tie a game we had well in hand, with a mere 13 seconds left.

Ahh simpler times, how I miss thee!

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