Sunday, November 14, 2010


Since that dream start of 4 - 0, the Toronto Maple Leafs have gone a disturbing 1 - 7 - 3 in their last eleven games.  Sports media and fans in Toronto are starting to place blame on certain individuals.  Some blame the players, others blame the coach, but neither side can agree on who's to blame.  My feeling is that both the players, and the coach should share the blame for this loosing streak. The players have strayed away from doing the little things that were working.  They are no longer exiting the defensive zone quick and efficiently.  They are not using their team speed, and their hard nosed fore check, has all but disappeared.  Let's not even discuss their power play, because calling it a power play is a disgrace to the term power play.  They have one strategy with the extra man, and it hasn't worked for about 5 years. It's almost like listening to a broken record hearing the phrase "Kaberle to Kessel, back to Kaberle" for about a minute and a half, with no results, because either nobody shoots at the net, or when the do, the shot is either blocked or goes hopelessly wide.  Ultimately, our top guys, Kessel and more so Versteeg, just aren't scoring.

That's not the only problem.  Ron Wilson is also a problem.  Our 4 - 0 start was due to our style of play, so kudos to Wilson for implementing said strategy.  However, the other 29 teams in the NHL aren't village idiots living in the stone age.  Their capable of watching video, and as a result have implemented defensive strategies to counteract our breakout.  It is Ron Wilson's job to come up with alternate strategies to produce offence.  Yet, game in and game out, the Leafs continue to go to a dry well and play the exact same way.  I'm sorry, but that's poor coaching.  What pisses me off, is Ron Wilson's ho hum attitude to loosing.  After a game, when asked about his teams incapability to get shots on goal he says; "well, that's the conundrum we face, getting shots through." Wow! No shit genius!  If that's the case why don't you spend an entire practice on shooting, accuracy, and getting shots through crowded area's? I've come to the conclusion that Ron Wilson doesn't care.  Do you know why he doesn't care? He's in no danger of being fired!  Do you know why he's in no danger of being fired? His best friend is our GM, that's why.  It's that kind of politics, that will keep this franchise in the dumps for years to come. Burke needs to stop giving us the "Ron is a good coach" line.  Where's the proof?  The constant choking of the San Jose Sharks in the second round of the playoffs under his watch? If it wasn't for their friendship, Wilson would have been fired last week!  The bottom line is this, something needs to be done.  Whether it's a call up, trade, or showing Ron Wilson his pink slip.  Leafs Nation is getting sick of this bullshit, and we deserve better! 

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