Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's been exactly one month since my last blog.  Why is that, you may wonder?  It's quite simple really, the Maple Leafs had an abysmal month of November, that left me at a loss for words.  Well I could have written about the Leafs struggles that month, but my ramblings would have been redundant.  Most of the blog would have featured Italian curse words, followed by a description of how we either lost, by being badly outscored, or because we blew the lead late in the game, only to suffer a loss in overtime.  That was November in a nutshell.  The only Leaf positives to come out of last month for me were, meeting Luke Schenn and Phil Kessel, and having my almost 3 year winless streak snapped thanks to a 4 - 1 win over the Dallas Stars. That was a relief to be sure.

December has seen the Blue & White play six games thus far, playing .500 hockey.  The three losses have been ugly to be sure.  Edmonton, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh all had their way with the Leafs, who looked as though they were sleep walking through those games.  The three wins saw Toronto display an effort and determination that appeared at season's outset.  The wins came against Boston, Washington, and those morons from Montreal.   If the Leafs play the way they have proven they are capable of, I think 2 wins in this 3 game swing is possible.We're sitting 10 points back of 8th place in the Eastern Conference.  It looks daunting, but the task is not impossible.  All it takes is another win streak like the one at the beginning of the season, and consistent efforts game in and game out.  Am I being optimistic? Maybe....but isn't that the point of the holiday season? Optimism for better things coming our way.  The Toronto Maple Leafs will look for retribution tonight as they take on the Oilers in Edmonton.

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