Sunday, October 23, 2011


As you can probably tell, their was no blog written for the game against Boston on Thursday.  It's not because I didn't want to write about a Leaf loss.  Truth be told, I was at a family function and didn't get a chance to pay much attention to the game.  In retrospect, that's probably for the best given the result.

On to last night's game.  Let it be known that I hate the Montreal Canadiens, and think their fans are the most ignorant and obnoxious bunch in the NHL. And that's saying something, given the fan base in Philadelphia.  So there nothing better then watching the Leafs beat the Habs in Montreal on a Saturday night.  As is typical for a game between these two rivals, it was a back and forth affair ending in a one goal difference, with the Leafs claiming victory by a 5-4 count.  Goal scorers for the blue and white were David Steckel, Phil Kessel(Yeah, he's still on fire), Dion Phaneuf, Nikolai Kulemin and of course, Mikhail Grabovski in overtime.  Two of the five goals came on the power play and the penalty kill was perfect.  In addition to their goals, Phaneuf, Grabovski, and Kessel all had assists.

The game got a little scary when James Reimer left the game at the end of the first period after a collision with  Montreal's ever so small captain Brian Gionta.  Jonas Gustavsson played the rest of the game.  The monster looked uneasy in net, and was to deep in his crease for two of the three goals he allowed.  Reimer suffered whiplash symptoms and is listed as day to day.

As a final note.  Is anyone else sick of listening to Glenn Healy.  My blog is pro -Leafs, obviously.  I'm a fan, not being payed to be impartial.  As a broadcaster for a national network, you'd expect some impartiality. All you get with Glenn Healy is anti-leaf rhetoric.  I mean the fact that Healy suggested that Reimer was faking the severity of his injury to draw a penalty? Are you kidding me.  Is this guy bitter because Reimer can make a save, whereas Healy couldn't stop a beach ball? Or is he bitter because the Leafs didn't hire him, when they we're searching for a new GM post Pat Quinn?  Either way, if I was CBC I'd tell Glenn Healy to take his bag pipes, lift his kilt and stick it where the sun don't shine!  Next up for the Maple Leafs are the Philadelphia Flyers on Monday!

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