Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Watching your favourite team loose is never an enjoyable experience, but it is inevitable.  Some losses are easier to swallow then others.  The Leafs loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Monday night was one of those losses.

Make no mistake, I hate it when the Blue and White loose, but in this case the effort was there and ultimately that's all you can hope for, that the team competes.  That was certainly the case as there were several times throughout the game that Toronto carried the play in the offensive zone.  Defensive miscues and Jaromir Jagr (yes the Mullet Man is back in the NHL), cost the Leafs two points. I know Jagr is on the older side of his playing days, but he's no Moses.  Well, someone should've told Mike Komisarek that because Komisarek seemingly moved out of his way, leaving him all alone on a breakaway for his first goal upon returning to the NHL. I swear that goal looked like the scene in The Ten Commandments where Moses parts the red sea.  The second mistake came on an ill advised pinch by John - Michael Liles late in the game, sending Jagr on another breakaway.  He scored giving the Flyers a two goal cushion.

For the Maple Leafs, Phil Kessel scored his 9th goal of the season, while David Steckel did his best impression of Phil Kessel as he scored his third goal in as many games.  Despite the loss Jonas Gustavsson was solid in net, making a phenomenal pad save on one of Jagr's three breakaways.  The Maple Leafs will reportedly have James Reimer, Tyler Bozak and Tim Connolly back from injury and in the line up for their next game against the New York Rangers.

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